Search Data Collections by Content


Search relevant Data Collections by selecting desired data content (feature of interest, instrument or model type, observed property).


The e-Science Centre holds metadata documents that describe a wide variety of Data Collections relevant to PITHIA-NRF. A subset of relevant Data Collection may be retrieved for inspection by specifying various search criteria.

The "Search Data Collections by content" uses standard dictionary terms to find data of relevant content.

Each Data Collection is registered using standard terminology to describe it. The terminology includes (a) PITHIA schema based on the science-neutral ISO 19156:2023 standard for Observations and Measurements and (b) Space Physics specific dictionaries of the standard terms (Ontology).

Search Data Collections by content presents selectable items in the schema and ontology dictionaries to locate data collections of interest. The PITHIA schema items include: 1. Feature of Interest, 2. Computation and Instrument types, and 3. Observed Property. Ontology provides standard terms for the check-boxes under 1, 2, and 3.

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